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Verisurf provides the most complete and powerful solution in coordinate measuring technology. While CMMs (coordinate measuring machines) have been around for many years, software technology has lagged behind that of the hardware. The software has been developed with considerable focus on updated methodology, focused on newer devices including laser trackers and portable arms. These devices have become integral to the manufacturing process at all the major manufacturers. The technology is in a rapid growth sector of industry, and it has significant potential with implications for PLM.

Verisurf has been developed to meet all the needs that users might have. But more than that, the software is pioneering new approaches and techniques. This includes enhancing automation and process control providing true model-based manufacturing. Verisurf works with all devices (laser trackers, portable arms, CMMS, etc.).It gives organizations the benefits of having a common software platform for all of their equipment offering tremendously powerful model-based inspection in a live, real-time environment. It includes comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities, as well as a complete toolkit for digital measuring. It provides device alignments, reverse engineering, surfacing, feature recognition, deviation analysis with best fit, and support for database export. All of this is enhanced by extensive innovation.

System Features:
Multiple Device Interface
Temperature Compensation
Built-in native import for all major CAD System file types
Online CMM Inspection
Real Time Inspection of primitive geometric features
Measures all basic GD&T blueprint tolerance
PointCloud surfacing tools