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What Is SAF3D Technical Services?

Offering a varied range of advanced measurement, engineering support, consultancy, and training service solutions, we work with companies ranging from small sized enterprises to leading global manufacturers across a wide range of industrial communities. Selected examples of industries where our service solutions are implemented include aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, antenna and radio telescopes, power generation, composites development, biomechanics. Our commitment and extensive knowledge, combined with innovative practices and technologies traceable to metrological measurement standards, enable us to meet companies¡¯ expectations of greater production control.

Our interdisciplinary-experienced engineers work with clients' staff to find the solution that supports their needs and concerns. This is followed by the delivery of services that result in robust, leading performance and highest productivity. We offer innumerable application specific solutions that are unrivalled in the industry from the inspection, verification, and documentation of a part within production and quality assurance process to working with the client¡¯s engineers through the design process resulting in a ready to manufacture electronic product design.
Large Dimension Parts
In-process Inspection
Tool Building, Verification and Certification.
Part-to-CAD Inspection
CAD-based Assembly
Reverse Engineering