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We offer short and long term portable metrology equipment rentals with various metrology software options:  laser tracker, FARO Arm, Laser ScanArm.

Our rental service prevents the high cost of capital investment in equipment and allows access to the most advanced, innovative equipment available. This eliminates trying to get the job done with yesterday¡¯s technology.

Renting enables clients to perform on-demand or specialized work, allowing them to accommodate their customer demands. The rental equipment arrives at the client¡¯s job site with a worry-free guarantee that ensures equipment is properly serviced and maintained. We provide responsive and continuous coverage for our rental equipment including on-site customer support and/or phone support whenever it is necessary. We ensure clients have the equipment, software and know-how to succeed in any measurement application.


•   Faro Laser Tracker
•   Faro Arm
•   Laser Scanner


•   Cam2 X1 and Cam2 V4
•   Metrolog XG
•   SpatialAnalyzer
•   Pc-Dims
•   PowerINSPECT
•   Geomagic Studio & Qulify

Contact us at to discuss equipment needs with one of our rental equipment representatives.