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Metrology Software Engineered
for Extreme Measures

SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is a traceable metrology 3D graphical software platform that can simultaneously communicate to virtually any number and type of dimensional measurement system while performing complex analysis tasks simply. SA makes it easy for users to build, inspect, and reverse design parts and tools with any of the portable measurement technologies (Laser Trackers, Local GPS, Portable CMM's, Theodolites, Laser Scanners, etc).
It provides simple common interfaces for each of the technologies, e.g., all types of laser trackers (Leica, FARO, SMX, and API) have the same user interface. Once a user can run a job with a Leica tracker they can also run the job with a FARO or API. This capability enables measurement groups to share equipment and therefore choose the combination of measurement technologies that best fits the measurement job - without having to retrain operators. SpatialAnalyzer is also the only software package capable of running any number of the measurement sensors at the same time and therefore saves time by minimizing schedule impacts, which allows the factory to keep processes online.

System Features:
User-friendly graphical enviroment and instrument interfaces
Easy to use alignment and transformation tools
More than 100 instrument interfaces
Common interface for instruments of the same type
Simultaneous measurement with any number of different instruments ==> Process optimization and elimination of time-related bottlenecks
Bundle adjustment for different instruments and stations
Integrated, up-to-date programming language for automated measurement, analysis, recording and archival processes
Traceability national and international ISO standards
Customized reporting –> MS-Office, HTML, AVI-Films, etc.
Simulation –> to measurement planning and precision estimation
3D- and 6D real time control
Perfect solution for the high demands on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing