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Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

The Tracker3™ is a laser tracker measurement device used where ultra-precise measurements are critical. Assembly, alignment, inspection, and calibration are just a few of the applications where manufacturers and engineers rely on Tracker3™ every day.
With more features than you can shake an SMR at, the Tracker3™ continues to be the smallest, most accurate, and most comprehensive IFM/ADM laser tracker available.

Superior Accuracy Meets Robust Durability

The Tracker3™ features exclusive on-the-shaft mounting of the laser head. This design eliminates the need for bending mirrors, minimizes thermally-induced errors, and increases accuracy and stability. The rugged aluminum design is completely sealed off from dust and has been tested capable in some of the toughest environments.

  • Do More.
  • Simply put, the Tracker3™ can do more than any other laser tracker.
  • Mount sideways, upside down, or directly on your part
  • Perform continuous-point measuring
  • Super fast single-point measuring
  • Smallest IFM/ADM tracker
  • Highest precision and accuracy
  • Easy one-person operation
  • Largest working volume
  • Lowest cost of ownership