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CAM2 Measure specializes in feature measurement/inspection and CAD-to-part comparison, where every measured part can be compared to engineering design files. In real-world tests, CAM2 Measure exceeds the performance capability of any other CAD-based measurement software on the market. The new version of the program allows users to load and render very large files faster than any other program - regardless of the system. The core technology that enables CAM2 Measure to accomplish this feat is a patent-pending graphics/CAD engine.

Designed for multi-part inspection, including large files, the engine links multiple measurement files to a single CAD file, instead of each file containing all of the CAD part data. And, because it loads and manages the assemblies more efficiently, the huge gains in processing time aren't limited by a computer's processor speed.

The superior file-handling capability also empowers CAM2 Measure users to deal with entire CAD files, rather than slice them up into separate, more manageable sections. CAM2 Measure also has added versatility thanks to its advanced CAD Translator that supports more formats than ever, including IGES, VDA, CATIA® v4 and v5, Unigraphics, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Pro-Engineer and Inventor.

Other noteworthy new features are:
On-Screen Labels provide more action-ready data by allowing users to review results on-screen without picking a specific feature
Feature Constraints set parameters for feature calculation resulting in more precise arc measurement during large volume applications
Enhanced Layer Management simplifies organizing measured and nominal data