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Energy & Power Supply

All the famous power station operator and the service providers in the world use Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine to process lineation of the blanks to ensure no rejection and use Laser Tracker to complete final meaument and Site installation tasks.

The Portable CMM is popularized rapidly and used widely in a short time after entering this domain and obtain high praise. A senior engineer of the heavyelectromechaincal said excitedly :you helped us to solve difficult with many years ,the electromechanical and the cylinder of the steam turbine approximate to 100 ton. a workpiece must be turn over 3,4 times if use manual lineation ,adjusting after turning over expend 80% of the work load, besides oppupy bridge crane continuously too. But now so long as use coordinate measuring machine can chalk line once, also improve efficiency and precision enormously. It’s very good.