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Automotive industry's development,advanced and the precise measuring technology provide foundation and guarantee for coordinate measureing machine.

Portable CMM and laser tracker are applied closely in each link from product design, profiling, model machining, reverse engineering, part and whole car body’s inspection.

•Here are some examples of the range of applications:
•Adjustment / fittings of devices, design analyses
•Measure directly on the production line
•Replace existing fixed measurement machines (which are blocked for long periods of time with necessary bodywork set-ups).
•For product audits and vehicle measurements
•Measure against CAD, e.g. for the fit of critical tolerances (windshields, doors)
•Specially suited for large vehicles (e.g buses): Measurement of a complete vehicle skeleton, including welding components, attachments or models
•Calibration of machine tools and CMM´s

Portable CMM: Portable coordinate measuring machine is used to inspect automotives part ,model, fixture, and white car body . If loading with milling and photography system may also machining clay model and do reverse profiling design.