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More than just a job

Working with the latest technologies, developing new applications in diverse areas ranging from energy, medical, aerospace applications, over automotive, to pipeline inspection and art, it is a very exciting process..

We pursue this process with three core values:


Above all, we are passionate about the technologies we work with, and the opportunities they create to deliver value to our customers.


Our creativity and our expertise are our strengths.


Our clients can put their trust in us. We continually strive to become better, and yes, we sometimes make mistakes along the way. But in such cases, we communicate; take full responsibility and correct things, most often ending up with a stronger client relationship.

If you want to share in this excitement and feel you can make a contribution towards the growth of SAF3D, contact us today!

Current Vacancies:

At this moment we are actively looking for new collaborators. Because we are a fast growing company we certainly will have open positions now.  If you are a strong candidate, even without experience, do not hesitate to apply to

Student internships:

If you are a student in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and you want to acquire an interesting workexperience, please send us your CV and letter of motivation for a student internship on